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Muddy Machines:


With a shortage of labour within the agriculture sector will the move to automation and deep

learning revolutionise the industry. Winners of numerous agri-Innovate awards are ‘Muddy

Machines’ a sustainable and viable alternative for the UK agricultural sector.


Muddy Machines | Farm Automation


Stenon (Farm Lab):


Sending soil samples to the laboratories might be a thing of the past. Stenon’s portable multiple

sensor device allows you to analyse your soil and receive immediate results. The system uploads the

raw data directly to Stenon’s cloud system which transfers this to soil parameters. According to

Stenon the system is comparable to standard soil testing and can provide a range of nutrients from

N,P &K and Soil Organic Carbon. The system also obtains general parameters such as soil moisture,

temperature, type, texture and pH.


For more information contact:


FarmLab - Stenon



The Global Farm Metric:


With the current focus towards going Net Zero and to reduce carbon there is a concern that the

pursuit of a single outcome can come at a cost to other parts of the system. The Global Farm Metric

uses a set of categories, indicators and measures to assess the whole-farm sustainability.


The Global Farm Metric (GFM) focuses on 11 key categories from Biodiversity, Soil, Water, Air &

Climate etc


The GFM hopes that “by providing a whole-farm framework to understand, monitor and reduce

impacts, farmers can evidence and improve the production of nutritious food, growth of natural

capital and delivery of public goods”. “This data can be used to support consistent sourcing and

investment by the financial industry and food businesses, as well as establish a baseline of data to

inform direct payment schemes”.


The aim is to create a common framework with the idea of achieving a Net Zero in a way that also

delivers benefits to biodiversity, our water systems, human health, rural communities, and more.


For more information visit:


Global Farm Metric | Measuring On-farm Sustainability





BIO-F isolates and uses natural algae and has developed it into a biofertilizer to capture nitrogen

from the atmosphere to share it with the crops. This changes the need for standard fertilisation

system and aims to improve soil health and fertility through the addition of carbon. BIO-F also

complies to organic standards. BIO-F is a new technology company that is looking to carry out plot

and field trials with full commercialisation planned within the next 2 years. Could BIO-F help your

company in reducing its artificial inputs.


For further information on BIO-F and its products please see the link below.


Home | Bio-F Solutions (



Agri sound:


Are you interested in understanding your biodiversity within the field, Agri Sound have created

portable in field sensors that assist in tracking pollinator numbers. The system collects data and

interprets the level of pollinator activity via acoustic detection methods the system can also identify

areas of low pollinator activity interventions can then be assigned to increase the numbers. Could

you use the system to provide evidence to the new farming subsidy schemes?


Pollination | AgriSound | United Kingdom




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