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    EVENTS, TRAINING & WORKSHOPS We will be hosting workshops, training courses, webinars and talks - these will all be posted on the events page. Events: Training, workshops & webinars Click to read more about what's on CONNECT WITH US Email - ​ New Leaf Hub Ltd. Companies House Registration Number: 14011098 Registered in England - PR3 1YD


    INNOVATIONS Knowledge Transfer Hub Muddy Machines: With a shortage of labour within the agriculture sector will the move to automation and deep learning revolutionise the industry. Winners of numerous agri-Innovate awards are ‘Muddy Machines’ a sustainable and viable alternative for the UK agricultural sector. Muddy Machines | Farm Automation ​ Stenon (Farm Lab): Sending soil samples to the laboratories might be a thing of the past. Stenon’s portable multiple sensor device allows you to analyse your soil and receive immediate results. The system uploads the raw data directly to Stenon’s cloud system which transfers this to soil parameters. According to Stenon the system is comparable to standard soil testing and can provide a range of nutrients from N,P &K and Soil Organic Carbon. The system also obtains general parameters such as soil moisture, temperature, type, texture and pH. For more information contact: FarmLab - Stenon ​ The Global Farm Metric: With the current focus towards going Net Zero and to reduce carbon there is a concern that the pursuit of a single outcome can come at a cost to other parts of the system. The Global Farm Metric uses a set of categories, indicators and measures to assess the whole-farm sustainability. The Global Farm Metric (GFM) focuses on 11 key categories from Biodiversity, Soil, Water, Air & Climate etc The GFM hopes that “by providing a whole-farm framework to understand, monitor and reduce impacts, farmers can evidence and improve the production of nutritious food, growth of natural capital and delivery of public goods”. “This data can be used to support consistent sourcing and investment by the financial industry and food businesses, as well as establish a baseline of data to inform direct payment schemes”. The aim is to create a common framework with the idea of achieving a Net Zero in a way that also delivers benefits to biodiversity, our water systems, human health, rural communities, and more. For more information visit: Global Farm Metric | Measuring On-farm Sustainability ​ BIO F: BIO-F isolates and uses natural algae and has developed it into a biofertilizer to capture nitrogen from the atmosphere to share it with the crops. This changes the need for standard fertilisation system and aims to improve soil health and fertility through the addition of carbon. BIO-F also complies to organic standards. BIO-F is a new technology company that is looking to carry out plot and field trials with full commercialisation planned within the next 2 years. Could BIO-F help your company in reducing its artificial inputs. For further information on BIO-F and its products please see the link below. Home | Bio-F Solutions ( ​ Agri sound: Are you interested in understanding your biodiversity within the field, Agri Sound have created portable in field sensors that assist in tracking pollinator numbers. The system collects data and interprets the level of pollinator activity via acoustic detection methods the system can also identify areas of low pollinator activity interventions can then be assigned to increase the numbers. Could you use the system to provide evidence to the new farming subsidy schemes? Pollination | AgriSound | United Kingdom ​ CONNECT WITH US Email - ​ New Leaf Hub Ltd. Companies House Registration Number: 14011098 Registered in England - PR3 1YD


    CONSULTANCY We offer a range of services for the food industry: ​ Here at New Leaf Hub we offer a range of consultancy services to support the ​food industry. The support we offer can be tailored to your demands; ​ Support in achieving BRC Global Food Standard accreditation. Pre-audit supply inspections. Assistance with corrective actions. Assistance in responding to and managing serious incidents. Audit preparation Red Tractor, LEAF & BRC. Assistance in the creation of Quality Management systems. Preparing new suppliers to meet retailers demands Project facilitation. Designing new facilitates to meet accreditation standards. Interim technical work. ​ Here at New Leaf Hub we focus on long-term relationships and aim to support our customers to achieve their goals. CONNECT WITH US Email - ​ New Leaf Hub Ltd. Companies House Registration Number: 14011098 Registered in England - PR3 1YD


    Below find information on guidance, funding opportunities, and more GUIDANCE KNOWLEDGE HUB Click to discover more on guidance Read More FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES KNOWLEDGE HUB Click to discover more Read More CONNECT WITH US Email - ​ New Leaf Hub Ltd. Companies House Registration Number: 14011098 Registered in England - PR3 1YD KNOWLEDGE HUB

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    INDUSTRY Benefits of Silicon for Plant Growth: Silicon is required by all plants in optimising a plants chlorophyll levels to optimise yields and assisting in providing resistance against pest and disease. Silicon can only be used by plants when it is present in a bioavailable form known as monosilicic acid. A report published on Farmers Weekly details that “With enhanced natural defence capabilities and strengthened plant structure, plants are better able to withstand stress and tolerate more extreme weather conditions” and furthermore “Silicon nutrition enhances the passive defence pathway, resulting in pest and disease reduction by 40-50%” and encourages the absorption of beneficial elements such as zinc, calcium and nitrogen. For more information on the benefits of Silicon please visit: Can silicon crop sprays benefit growers this season? - Farmers Weekly ( ​ Maximising the benefits from cover crops through species selection and crop management: AHDB completed a project to measure, assess and quantify the impacts of the cover crops on soil properties and on the performance of 2 subsequent crops. Cover crop can be effective at improving soil functions by increasing soil nutrient and water retention, improving soil structure/quality, reducing the risk of soil erosion, surface run-off and diffuse pollution by providing soil cover and by managing weeds or soil-borne pests. The trial looked at the performance of seven cover crop species (including cereals, brassicas, legumes and ‘others’ – phacelia and buckwheat) and three mixes of these species, with an untreated control (weedy stubble). The research highlights that on heavy textured soils cover cropping can result in increased topsoil moisture content however late destruction <1 week prior to drilling resulted in poor seed bed conditions and establishment of the following cash crop. The report highlights the need for “understanding the effects of different cover crops on soil properties, yield and other ecosystem services is essential to realise the potential benefits”. For the full reports please visit. Maximising the benefits from cover crops through species selection and crop management (Maxi- Cover crop) AHDB ​ How the UK agricultural industry can support the transition to sustainable, regenerative agriculture and net zero. A report published by the Sustainable Soils Alliance (SSA) has called for greater collaboration between major UK food retailers and manufacturers to address soil management throughout their supply chains to meet Net Zero, biodiversity and sustainable farming aims. The research, published ahead of World Soils Day weeks after COP 26 highlights agriculture’s role in addressing the climate and nature crises. Speaking about the report, Callum Weir, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist at WWF said: “The rationale for greater collaboration between businesses that depend on soil for the products they sell couldn’t be more clear. Soil improvement is incremental, non-excludable and reversible – the benefits are spread between farmers, land-owners, retailers, manufacturers and the environment in general, while on the flip-side, decades of good work can be undone in a very short space of time. The report concluded with 5 recommendations to businesses: a. Ensure you and your intermediates suppliers are not contributing inadvertently to increased soil degradation and decline. Use all mechanisms (advisors, contracts, certification schemes) to embed regulatory compliance and safeguards against soil-damaging practices into supplier relations. b. Show your commitment is real, tangible, traceable and measurable. Develop metrics and performance indicators that connect corporate regenerative ambitions with on-the-ground projects - and regularly and publicly report on progress against them. c. Make the most of available and future research. Ensure it translates into practice change on the ground as widely as possible. d. Be a catalyst for system-wide change. Spread ambition and best practice throughout the industry both vertically – via intermediaries that source on your behalf - and horizontally to competitors and hard to reach/invisible supply chains. e. Anticipate and address farmer needs at a time of great uncertainty. Demonstrate alignment with policy-makers, market forces and other drivers through whole system thinking, consistent metrics and leadership. For further reading please visit: Sustainable Soils | Working together to restore our soils ​ CONNECT WITH US Email - ​


    PRIVACY POLICY This Privacy Policy sets out how New Leaf Hub uses and protects any information that you give New Leaf Hub Limited when you use this website. New Leaf Hub Limited is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. New Leaf Hub may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. WHAT WE COLLECT We collect information about you when you contact us: Full or shortened name Contact information including telephone number and email address Content of covering note or message Enquiry Type WHY WE NEED THE INFORMATION WE GATHER? We require this information for the following reasons: ​ To provide the services or information which you have requested To tailor our website to show you content that is relevant to you When on our website to collect statistics, traffic patterns and related site information. We aggregate this data and it does not identify any website users. We use it for research, analysis, testing, monitoring, risk management and administrative purposes We may also use the information to improve our products LEGITIMATE INTEREST IN CONTACTING YOU Legitimate interest allows us to contact you if you have completed our online contact form and it does not cause harm or override your privacy rights. HOW WE KEEP IT We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. CONNECT WITH US Email - ​

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    - Since 2022 - NEW LEAF HUB RESEARCH / INNOVATIONS / CONSULTANCY ABOUT NEW LEAF HUB We are a collaborative organisation focused on supporting food businesses, farmers and growers in addressing practical solutions to the food industry challenges. ​ We aim to create beneficial relationships, supporting and linking the food industry to innovators, scientists and research centres to improve sustainability, productivity and efficiencies within food supply chains. We also offer a range of consultancy services for the food sector. ​ ​ New Leaf Hub Ltd. Companies House Registration Number: 14011098 Registered in England - PR3 1YD

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    NEWS & EVENTS NEWS Follow the links below for relevant up-to-date news from various sources NEWS Your latest Industry updates. Click to read more about what's on EVENTS / TRAINING COURSES & WORKSHOPS ​ ​ We will be hosting a range of training sessions, workshops, webinars and talks - these will all be posted on the events page. EVENTS: Training courses, webinars & workshops. Click to read more about what's on


    ​ Farming Transformation Fund – Adding Value grant announced Defra has announced details of the Adding Value grant scheme under its Farming Transformation Fund. Adding Value grants will be awarded to farmers and growers to support their work processing, diversifying and adding value to their products. Eligible capital items include equipment for preparing or processing edible agricultural products for added value sales, equipment for ‘second stage’ processing of grain - for example, colour sorting, blending, equipment for processing non-edible agricultural products into new products (for example, flax, hemp, wool, hides, and skins) and equipment for retailing eligible agricultural products (for example vending machines or display facilities). It is a competitive £30m fund, which will offer capital grants of between £25k and £300k (at 40% intervention). The RPA will award funding to the strongest applications. ​ Royal Cheshire Show - Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June Thankfully, we can now, post-pandemic, look forward to what we’d all describe as a ‘normal’ summer of agricultural events. At Royal Cheshire Show on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 June, our hospitality marquee will be back in its usual position on the showground with regional staff and county officeholders on hand to meet, greet and field questions from you, our members. To give staff members sufficient time at the show to speak to our farmer members, we’ll no longer be providing a buffet lunch within the marquee. However, tea, coffee, soft drinks, milkshakes (from the Bidlea Dairy), and biscuits will be available for our members throughout the day. We’re all looking forward to catching up with you at this important event in the Cheshire agricultural calendar. Nutrient neutrality – how it affects planning applications We have received a number of queries recently regarding the new policy of ‘nutrient neutrality’. This means Natural England will only sign off a planning application in certain areas if it is confident that the new development will not add any additional nutrients to the habitat. Additional nutrients from a new development can be offset by mitigating existing nutrient losses to the same habitat, which may then result in a successful, nutrient-neutral planning application. We have produced a short article to outline what it means for members and the action we are taking. ​ NFU responds to Defra's Nature Recovery Green Paper The NFU has responded to Defra's Nature Recovery Green Paper which sets out proposals to support the government's ambition to restore nature and halt species decline by 2030. The paper includes options to reform species protections and modernise funding arrangements. It also looks at what institutional and delivery arrangements would best support nature recovery objectives. ​ GHG Emissions Trading Scheme consultation Now that the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is established, the government is consulting on further developing the scheme and making it the world’s first net zero cap and trade market. Whilst the consultation is clear that the ETS will not be expanded to agriculture at this time, there are many aspects of the consultation which are very relevant to our sector. For example, it asks about carbon markets and carbon storage on farms and wants to know what the barriers are to farmers and growers using GHG calculators. Treasury consultation on reforming capital allowances ​ Tree Production Capital Grant launched The Tree Production Capital Grant (TPCG) provides funding to help tree nurseries and suppliers invest in projects which improve, expand, automate, or mechanise their operations. This will help improve not only the quantity but also the quality, diversity, and biosecurity of supply. Applications are currently open and must be submitted by the 30th June. This grant is open to existing and new entrants looking to diversify into the sector and builds on the NFU Tree Strategy ask: ‘Support for new plantings and encourage British sourced and grown saplings supporting our nursery sector ​

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    NEWS Click here to get your latest industry updates: CONNECT WITH US Email - ​ New Leaf Hub Ltd. Companies House Registration Number: 14011098 Registered in England - PR3 1YD

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    ACADEMIC Here at New Leaf Hub we will be connecting and collaborating with world class Agricultural Research Institutions and Universities utilising applied research to ensure continued innovation in the agri - food sectors. Our mission is to support food businesses, farmers and growers to target real world problems that affect these sectors and develop sustainable solutions that assist in increasing performance whilst minimising inputs. ​ With links to academia we will aim to promote and develop effective technological alternatives to optimise soil, water and on farm biodiversity whilst balancing energy, carbon and artificial inputs. ​ We encourage food businesses, farmers and growers to utilise the ‘Contact Us’ tab to start the conversation as to industry challenges that require further investigation / support. CONNECT WITH US Email - ​

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    ABOUT ABOUT NEW LEAF HUB We are a collaborative organisation focused on supporting food businesses, farmers and growers in addressing practical solutions to industry challenges. ​ We aim to create beneficial relationships, supporting and linking the food industry to innovators, scientists and research centres to improve sustainability, productivity and efficiencies within the food supply chains. ​ ​ ABOUT STEPHEN SHIELDS Stephen Shields is employed as the Technical Director at Huntapac Produce Ltd where he has been employed for the last 16 years. Prior to his time within produce Stephen worked within the Protein sector within low and high care environments. Stephen is passionate about innovating within the industry and has a keen interest in sustainability and biodiversity. “ I am hopeful that the New Leaf Hub platform will provide links to industry innovation and services and offer technical services that support food businesses, farmers and growers”. Stephen has an MSc in Food Science and is a member of the NFU (Horticultural & Potato) Board , a member of the Red Tractor (Fresh Produce) Board , a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science & Technology (FIFST) and a Professional Member of the Institute of Agricultural Management PMIAgrM). ​ ​ CONNECT WITH US Email - ​ New Leaf Hub Ltd. Companies House Registration Number: 14011098 Registered in England - PR3 1YD

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